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The Viking cat would like to offer a course in Divination and one on Rune Magic. They are run by Paul Sykes author of  "Beyond The Yew Dale" and founder member of Wodens Hearth. The courses are by post and consist of 5 lessons in Divination and 8 in Rune Magic. The courses cost 30 and 45 respectively and 20% of moneys goes to Wodens Hearth. 

I also offer Rune and Norse Tarot Readings, that offer a chance to understand difficult situations and possible futures, given your future actions. This is in accordance with the way 'web of wyrd' works, a way of looking at how our life is intertwined with everyone and everything around us and how it affects our present and future actions.

Readings are from 15 and are within the geographical area of Greater Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

For further details please contact Paul at